Bacon Zucchini Nest Egg (3 servings @ 240 cal/ea)

Traditionally pinned with breakfast intentions, these nest eggs are a zucchini season favorite. However, everything is better with bacon. And I, for one, LOVE breakfast for dinner.

Bacon Zucchini Nest Egg
3 servings (2 nests per serving) @ 240 cal/ea (including 2 eggs) (50 cal per nest) – 20 minutes

2 slices of uncured bacon
2 zucchini
6 eggs (1 per nest, needed at time of consumption)
2 tbsp basil
2 tbsp garlic powder

Preheat oven to 425F.

Finely and thinly slice all zucchini and bacon (think zu-sketti thin)

Mix the spaghetti-like-slices together with the basil and garlic.

Twist and roll the mixture together into four separate nests. If you’re struggling keeping it together, try heating the strands in the mic for a bit.

Place nests into a muffin tin, making sure it won’t cave in on itself, and using your thumb to poke a little egg hole.

Bake for 20-25 minutes, remove, let nests cool, then package up for freezing!

When it’s time to lay some eggs, bake at 425F again for 10 minutes with the eggs cracked inside – I recommend using the muffin tin again but you can try on a cookie sheet.



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