Laraquares: “Tummy Ache” (6 squares @ 55 cal/ea)


A good friend of mine who is inherently healthy and a damn-fine nutritionalist and athletic trainer once changed my migraine-nauseous life forever by informing me that dried papaya can be an instant relief to stomach afflictions. It has completely rocked my world and very much works in my experience. So! Since homemade Larabars are all the rage right now, I’ve got a nice version with a medicinal multipurpose:

Blend/food process:

1/2 cup dried papaya
1/4 cup raw cashews

It’s a bit easier if you pre-slice your dried papaya spears into small chunks.

Shape into a bar, wrap in parchment paper, and put in fridge for when that nausea strikes (or for when you just want some good old fruit and nuts)




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