Spin-Fishy Cakes (4 servings @ 125 cal/ea)


What to do with all the Whiting fillets in the freezer? Whip up some super easy fish burgers of course! I can’t help but cook fish with Franks red hot… for some reason the heat kicks any weird fishy-ness for me. And spinach makes all shaped meat cooler by default.

Spin-Fishy Cakes (4 servings @ 125 cal/ea)

6 whiting fillets
2 eggs
1 sm onion and scallions
3 tbsp frank’s redhot
3 tbsp chopped garlic
2 small potatos, mashed
2 cups spinach

Chop onion and garlic, sautee until soft and clear.

Lightly cook whiting fillets in skillet.

Remove and let cool while sautéing the spinach

Bake and mash your potatoes (poke, mic 5 min high, flip, mic 5 min high, slice, scoop, mash with fork)

Mash hot sauce and eggs into potato, followed by spinach and onion.

Finally, mash in the whiting fillets. Mash as thoroughly (fully fishy) or not as thoroughly (chunky fish cakes) as you’d like.


Form into cakes and cook in frying pan as you would any other burger.

Let cool and package up for freezing, when the time comes, wrap this seafood SOB up in a nice lettuce wrap with tomato, onion and more Franks Red Hot (mmm)



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