Kickboxing 90 Day Fitness Challenge


Voila! The fruits of my labor, shared in the cursory age-old “before and after” photo. While shrinking is pretty darn cool, my increased physical capabilities are what make me feel most accomplished. I never could “before” but now can “after”:

Run for 9 miles non-stop at an average rate of 8 minute/mile.

Do full push-ups without kneeling or stopping during any given fitness class.

Kickbox-assail the sh*t out of an attacker in the grocery store parking lot.

Head-stand push-ups against the body-bags.

Hand-wrap and stretch like a pro.

And so phase one of Tough Mudder 2013 training has come to a close. The winner will be revealed Wednesday, but I can say whole-heartedly already that I’ve won more than the $750 prize.


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