Free Month at the YMCA and Running Outside

Sadly to say, I completed my 90 days of kickboxing. Now, less 26 lbs, $750 richer and able to kick any parking lot attackers ass, I move into round two of my Tough Mudder preparations: running outside.


Today is a landmark for me – its the first time I’ve gone running on my own free will. I’ve been logging 8-9 miles on the elliptical at the gym for the past month but running on the ground outdoors was a strange novel (but truly liberating and slightly chilly) experience. I got a good 4.5 miles in 50 minutes non stop (I’ll take it!)

At the same time, quite serendipitously, I’ve been offered a free month membership at the downtown YMCA! I’ve said before – the path to loving fitness is made easier by trying new things when the opportunity presents itself and so I have a schloo of new classes to try out!


April appears to be a month full of fun new fitness experiences!!

The first first (even before running outside) of the month was: ZUMBA! I know, I know, I’m way behind the curve on this one. Zumba’s on its way out the popularity door now that its on 70% of the infomercial slots (right next to insanity). My Zumba review in a nutshell: much more feminine than kickboxing. I felt sexy for the first time while working out and the looser I let myself be, the better I appeared to be at the Zumba dances. I loved how eclectic the Zumba-class was and the curvaceous Hispanic instructor was GREAT. I felt so welcome (and I do NOT have a good history with synchronized dancing).


More new YMCA class reviews to come! And the next running-outside break through I have as well!


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