Bacon Egg CheesyAvo Mash Breakfast Sandwich on Paleo English Muff (1 sandwhich @ 490 cal/ea)

Breakfast sandwiches fall into the most phenomenal food category (breakfast food) but are slapped together on a roll… normally not considered a paleo practice… until this lovely blog introduced the EASIEST paleo English muffin recipe. Very twentysomething. Very paleo. Very breakfast.


Bacon Egg Breakfast with CheesyAvoMash on a Paleo English Muff (1 sandwich @ 490 cal/ea):

THE MUFF… Mix the following ingredients in the following order:
1/3 cup almond flour + 1 tbsp coconut flour + ¼ tsp salt + ¼ tsp baking soda + 1 egg + 3 tbsp water

Microwave 2 minutes (add 30 seconds if raw on top after 2 minutes)
Let cool, slice, and wait for further instruction.


THE CHEESY AVOCADO MASH… Mash the following ingredients in the following order:
¼ avocado + 1 tbsp nutritional yeast + ¼ tsp Himalayan Salt + ¼ tsp garlic powder



Step 1: Fry one or two eggs in non-stick skillet. (Over easy if you have a soul). Set to the side.
Step 2: Fry bacon in same skillet – to save water and the rainforest. Set bacon to the side.
Step 3: Slather CheesyAvoMash on one side of each Paleo English Muff.
Step 4: Place one half of muff, unslathered side down, in the bacon greasy skillet.
Step 5: Place bacon and eggs on top of muff-in-greasy-pan.
Step 6: Place second half of muff, slathered side down, on top of breakfast stack.
Step 7: Flip after side one is nice and crispy like a grilled cheese.


BOOM! I don’t know a single twentysomething who doesn’t love a nice grilled sandwich and I for one, could not deprive another Paleo twentysomethings of a bangin breakfast recipe OR a grilled sandwich. That would be cruel. Now go forth and take on the weekend like a boss, and if all fails, know you had a great paleo breakfast!


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