Adios Zumba… Here comes Hurricane CrossFit

The end of April means free-month membership at the YMCA is over. I am truly heartbroken that I can’t continue going to Zumba. Even though it wasn’t “enough” of a work out for me personally, I started looking forward to getting lost in the Latin fitness songs with Syracuse’s inner-city finest. I plan on coercing my friends at the Y to bring me as a guest when I need that sexy-work out boost this summer. I JUST mastered the hardest moves too. And shredded up my old t-shirts into ridiculous skimpy zumba-friendly work out tanks.

One thing is for sure: I will not be wearing re-tied t-shirts OR provocatively shaking my booty at CrossFit WHICH… *drum roll* I have OFFICIALLY started. Foundations class ended yesterday. It started with about 20 people, and ended with 7. Since 95% of my life so far has been sedentary/non-athletic, I still am SUCH clutz and can not master any kind of coordinated movement… making the lifting overwhelmingly unsuccessful (as in, just moving the bar – without weight) So I went to the hardware store and bought a 1″ PVC pipe in hopes of mastering the moves at home. Everything else: rowing machine, air squats, box jumps, wall ball, pull ups… I love and can complete relatively successfully. Yeehaw. Twentysomething and Bring. It. On.


I had a lovely discussion about the Paleo diet with a girl in my “graduating” class too. I must say, it’s nice to talk about the paleo diet with people who also eat paleo – or plan to. It was also nice to know that someone else had physically prepared to join before joining (P90X… kickboxing… one in the same) and stalked pintrest crossfit pins for hours.


On a final optimistic note: a coworker and I ran to the mall during lunch break to pick up our packets for the Color Me RAD 5K tomorrow. Naturally (twentysomethingandfemale) we stopped in H&M for a summer-clothes quicky. I got a CrossFit graduation outfit (as seen above) and an itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny not-really-yellow-or-polka-dotted bikini which – LOOKS FREAKING GREAT. Warning: success at weightloss can DEFINITELY lead to a retail problem. Its so much easier to avoid spending money when clothes don’t fit or look good. I still can’t wrap my mind around it when I go shopping these days (wait… I’m a SMALL!? OK… wait… this fits? this looks good? wtf I can’t buy ALL of this…) I feel the dopamine being associated with the act of purchasing clothes though and it’s dangerous…

So cheers to teeny bikinis before beach season, being a CrossFitter (and crying after every workout for the next month), and lifting PVC pipes in your dining room. Keep it moving and trying new things twentysomethings.

OH! PS now that I’ll actually need to recover and moderate more than just calories – I’ll be including grams of Fat (F) Protein (P) and Carbs (C) in my recipes.


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