Jim Wins This Time Shake

I’m trying something new for the last 3 weeks of May, based on twentysomethingJim’s suggestion and my own observations about my eating behaviors I’m going to try a version of intermittent fasting. Typically, it’s extremely unhealthy to eat only one meal a day. It’s important to eat consistently and frequently to keep Mr. Metabolism up. However, I’ve been averaging 2 workouts a day for the past month and noticing that I’m not really hungry during the day (but eating anyway because I feel like I should) and then STUFFING my face when I get home after evening classes/workouts. This “bingy” eating causes me extreme anxiety, especially after hard-core dieting for the fitness challenge. I’ve been advised to eat a fruit and veggie here or there throughout the day and then eat everything else in the evening (when I’ve been having my snack attacks). Keeping it Paleo – of course. The concept alone makes me feel much much better. We’ll see how it goes.

Jim Wins This Time Shake: 2 servings @ 150 cal/ea (F 6g; C 63g; P 21g)

2 cups kale
1 cup almond milk
1 banana
1 cup frozen strawberry
1 cucumber
3 tbs Hemp protein

twentysomethingandpaleo protein shake method:

Mix one recipe’s batch of protein shake every other day.
Day 1:
– pour half into big-ass-water bottle and “leave room for cream” (jk there’s no cream in paleo – but seriously leave room in the water bottle)
– bring to work and keep refrigerated if possible
– an hour before work ends and you head to your home-box, go down to the ice machine and fill up all that cream-room with ice
– shake like they taught you in zumba and get a baby ab work out
– drink half
– kick ass at your WOD
– drink second half BEFORE you even have time to cry
Day 2:
– rinse and repeat



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