Kitchen Sink Butter

I warned you about the twentysomethingandpaleo nut butter fever epidemic that’s taken my household by storm.Well four days later our Suntan Butter supply is entirely depleted and so: from desperation comes some of the most delicious recipes. (I’m not just making that up, Anthony Bourdain says it all the time) Yes, i realize kitchen sink butter sounds gross. You’re probably thinking of that goop that catches in the drain when you wash the dishes. (Too graphic, ok I’ll stop). It actually has nothing to do with sinks at all. It involves only one thing: raiding your cabinet for any leftover nuts and seeds you can find and throwing them into an eclectic mash of butter in your food processor.
Nut butter fever is falling hand in hand with the sudden splash of springtime here as well!! I hope everyone is sitting out on their stoop/balcony/porch/sidewalk/deck and enjoying the PERFECT sunset. May really is a magical month. Completely taken for granted I’d say.

Kitchen Sink Butter (7May2013)
3 tbsp sunflower seeds
1/4 cup chopped almonds
1/4 cup cashews
2 tbsp pecan halves
Dash of Himalayan Pink Salt

Food processed on setting 1 for about 3 minutes.

This is by far the palest but creamiest nut butter we’ve created so far! I realllly hope it lasts until food shopping Friday, otherwise I’m SOL.



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