VacayMay2013 : so un paleo it hurts

A summary of the gross but phenomenally delicious epicurial adventures of a twentysomething on a first full-fledged vacation (including sorry attempts to stay active)

Destination 1: The Beach

Morning jog on the beach to the ferry canal and back – 4 mi and blissfully nautical


Tabata jog/sprints to the donut shop (for a sadly disappointing glazed twist and mediocre coffee)

Garlic Blue Crabs drenched in butter and crabby fries with a killer Rum Runner at the Crab House

First time trying oysters on the half shell and LOVED THEM! With Piña Coladas and Peach Margaritas on the board walk.

WOD circa Syracuse Crossfit WOD blog: 3 round for time 21 jump squats 42 abmat sit-ups.

Destination 2: NYC

Run 1/4 of the Brooklyn Bridge en route to Grimaldi’s for Brooklyn’s best pizza!

Beer Garden! Cheers!

Breakfast in Brooklyn! Dizzys chorizo avocado egg breakfast sandwich (the “Che”) and a kick-ass omelet with home fries.



South St. Seaport livin easy afternoon… Miami Vices and fried seafood


Adventure around the financial district, canal st., china town, and little Italy on our way to the Fleshtones show!

Chorizo quesadilla and pork tacos with cucumber margaritas at a killer NY hole-in-the-wall.

Fleshtones Concert! For the record, four hours of standing and dancing should completely be considered rigorous exercise (even if done simultaneously with binge drinking) Honestly felt like I had run a marathon the next morning.

Destination 3: Hickory Run State Park

Hike-it out to the lake! Central PA’s finest…

Camping menu included: roasted sausages and fire baked potatoes, thick cut bacon and hard boiled eggs, chili lime chicken kebabs with onion and pepper, and a SHITTON of s’mores. Oh my GOSH we had so many s’mores. But the camping food that takes the cake this trip: juice. Blueberry, orange, and cranberry.


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