Twentysomething Bulletproof Coffee : Trial and Failure

From August 12 – 23 I gave bullet proof coffee a try. I dipped my toes in the bullet proof trendy pool, but most of the rave –reviews I’ve read seemed a little hoaky to my surprise. For example – the way they conveyed “Paleo and Bulletproof helped me get pregnant!” was WAY off base. However, I’ve tumbled over a few blogs that gave the coffee a shot and the BCAA nutritional math added up, I had already been doing intermittant fasting for two months, and I gave it a go. HOWEVER, I did NOT do it as prescribed (only using coconut oil without grass fed butter and much less of the recommended dose of oil too). The rational behind this was (I won’t lie) fear of gaining too much weight, interrupting the fasting technique, difficulty in obtaining grass fed butter cheaply, and the overwhelming richness of the coffee.

Twentysomething Bulletproof Coffee:

1 tbsp extra virgin coconut oil
1-2 cups brewed coffee (I used folgers)
Screw-cap waterbottle (for shaking)

Brew coffee and add coconut oil in “shaker” – shake vigerously for as long as you can take it (usually 3 minutes considering it’s first thing in the morning, and I haven’t had coffee yet)

Was it delicious? Yes! Did it help my intermittent fasting? No. Did curb my hunger? No – it made it worse actually. Did it improve my enegery during workouts? Nope. Did it improve my daily energy. No.

And so the bullet proof coffee myth – at least the twentysomething and paleo version of bullet proof coffee – has beeen debunked and I am VERY happy to currently drink normal black paleo-friendly coffee WITH a light paleo breakfast during a typical american eating cycle.



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