The truth is: I don’t actually have a “twentysomething crisis” – but sometimes I have the “twentysomething what-ifs”…

“What if I had a baby and husband right now? Other girls my age have babies and husbands…”

And the “what-ifs” are always followed by “whys”…


Then I find myself practicing progressive muscle relaxation techniques, smoking and taking a bubble bath. Then the bubble bath and smoke-break remind me that I can do what I want without offspring or a partner having any influence over me and my life… and I’m back to Miss Emily sans-twentysomething crisis.

I love my job, I’m lucky to have a job, but yes I really do work in a cubicle with fluorescent lighting and ergonomic swivel chairs. It makes fitness that-much more important to me. Adding workouts to the already daunting tasks of maintaining a home, navigating monthly bills and working daily from 8 to 4:30 can spread a young-adult pretty thin. Especially when constantly under pressure to “have the time of your life”. (“What if I’m not having the time of my life while I’m twentysomething… WHY AREN’T I HAVING FUN WHILE I’M TWENTYSOMETHING!?) So we’re going to have some fun while we adapt to mundane domesticated adulthood. I want you to have as much fun as humanly possible whether you’re 12 or 82 AND we’re going to save time doing it so you can have even more fun on your own.

I fit in the income bracket of 20-40k/year, just like every other average twentysomething. The recipes and fitness suggestions will be based on financial feasibility. I also want to help you save money to pay back that student loan debt.  I despise awesome recipes that include ingredients or cookware that no normal-home-cooker could afford.  I also hate wasting food.

I actually hate waste in general. I hate wasting food, I hate wasting time, I hate wasting money.  But how am I supposed to have fun while being healthy, saving money, and getting in shape? I know that college taught you:  fun = spending money on excess drinking and eating out. In grown up land, fun can be synonymous with getting in shape and eating healthy too. TWENTYSOMETHING AND PALEO suggests three ways in which you do this:

a) find what type of exercise you LOVE in order to get and to stay fit. EXPLORE! Take every free class you see flyers for- be it Zumba, Competitive Fencing, or Log Rolling.

b) eat well without wasting time or money. My blog is based on a system with a specific time of the week designated to taking care the majority of your cooking. This makes sticking to a diet on a tight schedule a lot easier.

c) become a master of goal setting, and reap those lifelong benefits of attaining your goals!


Before I start sounding like a motivational poster, please feel free to ask me any questions about me or my methods or comments about you or your methods


I feel good, I look good, I’m twentysomething and proud of where my life is – and I want you to be able to say the same thing (If you don’t already).


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    • Hi Sophie! Thank you for asking, and that’s fine with me as long as you keep it with a link to my blog and don’t use it in a slanderous way :). I like your site – Emily

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