VacayMay2013 : so un paleo it hurts

A summary of the gross but phenomenally delicious epicurial adventures of a twentysomething on a first full-fledged vacation (including sorry attempts to stay active)

Destination 1: The Beach

Morning jog on the beach to the ferry canal and back – 4 mi and blissfully nautical


Tabata jog/sprints to the donut shop (for a sadly disappointing glazed twist and mediocre coffee)

Garlic Blue Crabs drenched in butter and crabby fries with a killer Rum Runner at the Crab House

First time trying oysters on the half shell and LOVED THEM! With Piña Coladas and Peach Margaritas on the board walk.

WOD circa Syracuse Crossfit WOD blog: 3 round for time 21 jump squats 42 abmat sit-ups.

Destination 2: NYC

Run 1/4 of the Brooklyn Bridge en route to Grimaldi’s for Brooklyn’s best pizza!

Beer Garden! Cheers!

Breakfast in Brooklyn! Dizzys chorizo avocado egg breakfast sandwich (the “Che”) and a kick-ass omelet with home fries.



South St. Seaport livin easy afternoon… Miami Vices and fried seafood


Adventure around the financial district, canal st., china town, and little Italy on our way to the Fleshtones show!

Chorizo quesadilla and pork tacos with cucumber margaritas at a killer NY hole-in-the-wall.

Fleshtones Concert! For the record, four hours of standing and dancing should completely be considered rigorous exercise (even if done simultaneously with binge drinking) Honestly felt like I had run a marathon the next morning.

Destination 3: Hickory Run State Park

Hike-it out to the lake! Central PA’s finest…

Camping menu included: roasted sausages and fire baked potatoes, thick cut bacon and hard boiled eggs, chili lime chicken kebabs with onion and pepper, and a SHITTON of s’mores. Oh my GOSH we had so many s’mores. But the camping food that takes the cake this trip: juice. Blueberry, orange, and cranberry.


Chilly Mocha Protein Shake

Iced coffee, meet frozen hot chocolate. Iced coffee and frozen hot chocolate, meet protein and kale. It’s a chilly mocha double date and it’s delicious!!

Chilly Mocha Protein Shake: 2 servings @ 190 cal/ea (F 12g; C 22g; 18g)

½ avocado
1 banana
3 tbsp Hemp Protein
1 cup almond milk
2 tbsp cocoa powder
2 tsp vanilla extract
2 tbsp instant coffee

twentysomethingandpaleo protein shake method:

Mix one recipe’s batch of protein shake every other day.
Day 1:
pour half into big-ass-water bottle and “leave room for cream” (jk there’s no cream in paleo – but seriously leave room in the water bottle)
bring to work and keep refrigerated if possible
an hour before work ends and you head to your home-box, go down to the ice machine and fill up all that cream-room with ice
shake like they taught you in zumba and get a baby ab work out
drink half
kick ass at your WOD
drink second half BEFORE you even have time to cry
Day 2:
rinse and repeat


Jim Wins This Time Shake

I’m trying something new for the last 3 weeks of May, based on twentysomethingJim’s suggestion and my own observations about my eating behaviors I’m going to try a version of intermittent fasting. Typically, it’s extremely unhealthy to eat only one meal a day. It’s important to eat consistently and frequently to keep Mr. Metabolism up. However, I’ve been averaging 2 workouts a day for the past month and noticing that I’m not really hungry during the day (but eating anyway because I feel like I should) and then STUFFING my face when I get home after evening classes/workouts. This “bingy” eating causes me extreme anxiety, especially after hard-core dieting for the fitness challenge. I’ve been advised to eat a fruit and veggie here or there throughout the day and then eat everything else in the evening (when I’ve been having my snack attacks). Keeping it Paleo – of course. The concept alone makes me feel much much better. We’ll see how it goes.

Jim Wins This Time Shake: 2 servings @ 150 cal/ea (F 6g; C 63g; P 21g)

2 cups kale
1 cup almond milk
1 banana
1 cup frozen strawberry
1 cucumber
3 tbs Hemp protein

twentysomethingandpaleo protein shake method:

Mix one recipe’s batch of protein shake every other day.
Day 1:
– pour half into big-ass-water bottle and “leave room for cream” (jk there’s no cream in paleo – but seriously leave room in the water bottle)
– bring to work and keep refrigerated if possible
– an hour before work ends and you head to your home-box, go down to the ice machine and fill up all that cream-room with ice
– shake like they taught you in zumba and get a baby ab work out
– drink half
– kick ass at your WOD
– drink second half BEFORE you even have time to cry
Day 2:
– rinse and repeat


Adios Zumba… Here comes Hurricane CrossFit

The end of April means free-month membership at the YMCA is over. I am truly heartbroken that I can’t continue going to Zumba. Even though it wasn’t “enough” of a work out for me personally, I started looking forward to getting lost in the Latin fitness songs with Syracuse’s inner-city finest. I plan on coercing my friends at the Y to bring me as a guest when I need that sexy-work out boost this summer. I JUST mastered the hardest moves too. And shredded up my old t-shirts into ridiculous skimpy zumba-friendly work out tanks.

One thing is for sure: I will not be wearing re-tied t-shirts OR provocatively shaking my booty at CrossFit WHICH… *drum roll* I have OFFICIALLY started. Foundations class ended yesterday. It started with about 20 people, and ended with 7. Since 95% of my life so far has been sedentary/non-athletic, I still am SUCH clutz and can not master any kind of coordinated movement… making the lifting overwhelmingly unsuccessful (as in, just moving the bar – without weight) So I went to the hardware store and bought a 1″ PVC pipe in hopes of mastering the moves at home. Everything else: rowing machine, air squats, box jumps, wall ball, pull ups… I love and can complete relatively successfully. Yeehaw. Twentysomething and Bring. It. On.


I had a lovely discussion about the Paleo diet with a girl in my “graduating” class too. I must say, it’s nice to talk about the paleo diet with people who also eat paleo – or plan to. It was also nice to know that someone else had physically prepared to join before joining (P90X… kickboxing… one in the same) and stalked pintrest crossfit pins for hours.


On a final optimistic note: a coworker and I ran to the mall during lunch break to pick up our packets for the Color Me RAD 5K tomorrow. Naturally (twentysomethingandfemale) we stopped in H&M for a summer-clothes quicky. I got a CrossFit graduation outfit (as seen above) and an itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny not-really-yellow-or-polka-dotted bikini which – LOOKS FREAKING GREAT. Warning: success at weightloss can DEFINITELY lead to a retail problem. Its so much easier to avoid spending money when clothes don’t fit or look good. I still can’t wrap my mind around it when I go shopping these days (wait… I’m a SMALL!? OK… wait… this fits? this looks good? wtf I can’t buy ALL of this…) I feel the dopamine being associated with the act of purchasing clothes though and it’s dangerous…

So cheers to teeny bikinis before beach season, being a CrossFitter (and crying after every workout for the next month), and lifting PVC pipes in your dining room. Keep it moving and trying new things twentysomethings.

OH! PS now that I’ll actually need to recover and moderate more than just calories – I’ll be including grams of Fat (F) Protein (P) and Carbs (C) in my recipes.

Protein 4 PM Cherry Bombs (5 servings @ 150 cal/ea)

Here’s to a new fun meal-type to add to our weekly cooking. Protein bar attempt two: success!

½ cup dried cherries
4 tbsp baking cocoa
1/2 cup dried coconut
3 scoops Hemp protein powder
2 egg whites
2 tbsp coconut cream
¼ cup almond flakes (optional)

Preheat oven to 350F.

Mix egg whites and coconut cream with baking cocoa, coconut shreds, and Hemp protein.

Scoop out about half of a cookie sized lump and flatten in palms.

If you have patience, roll around a single dried cherry. If you’re impatient like me, dump the cherries in, mix, and spoon-scoop into a ball.

Roll the protein covered cherry in additional coconut shreds or almond flakes.

Place on parchment lined cookie sheet and bake for 10-15 minutes.

Warrior Games, High Ropes & Eggs from Chickens with Names

A weekend full of insane physical endurance – warrior games 2013 hosted by the Penn State veterans organization and CrossFit Lionheart was AMAZING! Dear friend Jim and I tag teamed the “Murph” honoring Lt. Michael Murphy – a true modern day war hero and posthumous recipient of the Medal of Honor – two mile run, 300 air squats, 200 push ups, 100 pull ups, two more miles. In 38:00 min whaddup!! They ended up raising over $3000 for Wounded Warrior, over twice as much as last year.


After celebrating the Penn State way (very un-paleo) we woke up at the crack of dawn to do the Odyssey high ropes course with more crossfitters. (Not necessarily timed but still pretty challenging- mostly fun)


And THEN before the soreness could set in, I got to swing by the aunt’s farm to trade in my pre-weightloss hand-me-downs for some authentic organic eggs. The coolest thing about the eggs, in my opinion, is that they all came from a chicken who has a name and a personality (according to my aunt). I can taste the pet-affection! Cooking with love totally pertains to raising with love too. My uncle swears that the love eggs make even baked goods more fluffy and delicious – but he said he couldn’t guarantee the same results with almond and coconut flour – results to follow.


And so, a weekend full of trying new work outs, kicking Murphs ass, conquering a high ropes course hungover, and eating love-induced eggs has proven to be a spectacular start of Spring. Happy Xersizing!

Free Month at the YMCA and Running Outside

Sadly to say, I completed my 90 days of kickboxing. Now, less 26 lbs, $750 richer and able to kick any parking lot attackers ass, I move into round two of my Tough Mudder preparations: running outside.


Today is a landmark for me – its the first time I’ve gone running on my own free will. I’ve been logging 8-9 miles on the elliptical at the gym for the past month but running on the ground outdoors was a strange novel (but truly liberating and slightly chilly) experience. I got a good 4.5 miles in 50 minutes non stop (I’ll take it!)

At the same time, quite serendipitously, I’ve been offered a free month membership at the downtown YMCA! I’ve said before – the path to loving fitness is made easier by trying new things when the opportunity presents itself and so I have a schloo of new classes to try out!


April appears to be a month full of fun new fitness experiences!!

The first first (even before running outside) of the month was: ZUMBA! I know, I know, I’m way behind the curve on this one. Zumba’s on its way out the popularity door now that its on 70% of the infomercial slots (right next to insanity). My Zumba review in a nutshell: much more feminine than kickboxing. I felt sexy for the first time while working out and the looser I let myself be, the better I appeared to be at the Zumba dances. I loved how eclectic the Zumba-class was and the curvaceous Hispanic instructor was GREAT. I felt so welcome (and I do NOT have a good history with synchronized dancing).


More new YMCA class reviews to come! And the next running-outside break through I have as well!