#1: Ungreased: Someone invented Teflon for a reason. They did it well after our primal diet gurus, but I use this technology to avoid using an oil or “PAM” coating on all of my stovetop foods. Sure, I can tolerate a little burnt charred bits more than your average Joe – so keep that in mind when making your choice to break paleo to grease your pans or not. Other Paleo guides will suggest alternative fats or oils to coat your cookware but, for me, paleo is still a “diet” so… no extra fat!

#2: Herbage: Play with Herbs, Spices and Seasonings! Run! Be free! The beauty of spices, is they pack so much flavor in a tiny little non-caloric punch. If your tongue can’t take any more grilled chicken breast and plain green steamed veggies, you’d be surprised at the number of variations you can do just by changing up your seasoning. A great diverse spice collection is a wonderful investment but an unexplored spice rack collecting dust on the shelf for show is even worse than not having one in the first place! I don’t know or care if my ancestors stumbled upon tarragon, cinnamon, or curry – their loss if they didn’t. Explore Spice World.

#3: Protein Shake Plan of Action: Mix one recipe’s batch of protein shake every other day.
Day 1:
pour half into big-ass-water bottle and “leave room for cream” (jk there’s no cream in paleo – but seriously leave room in the water bottle)
bring to work and keep refrigerated if possible
an hour before work ends and you head to your home-box, go down to the ice machine and fill up all that cream-room with ice
shake like they taught you in zumba and get a baby ab work out
drink half
kick ass at your WOD
drink second half BEFORE you even have time to cry
Day 2:
rinse and repeat


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